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Nexus 6P

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Hello! Welcome to the /r/Nexus6P subreddit.

Before posting please use the search function or read the FAQ, popular questions covered in the FAQ will be removed.


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Rules (subject to alteration)

  1. Use common sense.

  2. No affiliate Links.

  3. Check the FAQ and search the sub to see if your topic has already been discussed and covered. Do not spam!

  4. Topics that benefit the community and promote discussion are welcome.

  5. Posts and comments regardless of intent that contain racist, sexist, homophobic or abusive content will be removed! Please follow reddiquette.

  6. User flair is available, please choose your device, memory and any useful information deemed relevant. Profanity and abuse will not be tolerated and you could be banned.

  7. Android N preview questions go on /r/androidpreviews, not here.

  8. Battery SOT bragging posts go on /r/batterybrag, not here.

  9. Photos are only allowed in the weekly stickied photos thread

  10. Posts asking about OTA updates (When will i get my update, still dont have the update) are not allowed. Also, posts simply stating "i just got the update" are not allowed

  11. This subreddit is not the place to sell phones, accessories, nor other. These posts will be removed. Posts to retailers such as Amazon are however, allowed.  

  12. Please take the time to flair your post appropriately. if you do not know how, message the moderators with a link to your post.

  13. No Is the nexus 6P still worth it threads.

  14. Discuss Battery issues in the [Battery Megathread] (

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