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Nexus 7

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Nexus 7 Accessory Database

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DIY Fix Screen Lift Thread

Tech Specs (2012 Model)

Tech Specs (2013 Model)

MSRP 2012/2013

$199.99 / $229.99 for 16 GB

$249.99 / $269.99 for 32 GB

$299.99 / $349.99 for 32 GB with HSPA+ / LTE

Where to order

Nexus 7s are no longer being sold online by major retailers. Brick and mortar stores, such as Best Buy or Walmart, may have them while supplies last.

Accessory retailers

Mobile Fun - giveaway sponsor

Waterfield Designs - giveaway sponsor

Devicewear - giveaway sponsor

Oberon Design - giveaway sponsor

Portenzo - giveaway sponsor

ESET - giveaway sponsor

Other online resources

XDA Nexus 7 forums - rooting and modding info

XDA Nexus 7 (2013) forums

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