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/r/NintendoNX is the central hub for all News, Updates, Information, Rumors, Speculation, and Topics relating to Nintendo's upcoming game system codenamed "NX".

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What can I post here?

  • Rumors
  • News articles
  • Discussion about NX & Nintendo
  • Theories
  • Feature wishlists and ideas
  • Games & franchises you would like to see
  • Concepts & mockups (must be labeled as such)

What can I NOT post here?

  • Low effort "Leaks" - We don't care if it's Emily Rogers or 10K
  • AMAs - Because your cousin totally works at Nintendo
  • YouTube spam

Responsible Leaking

If you have sensitive or privileged information you would like to provide to the community, send it to the mod team. We will review it and if we feel there is sufficient proof to validate the information, we will post it on your behalf to protect your identity.

NX Watch Browser Extension

Don't want to constantly F5 /r/NintendoNX waiting for the NX to be announced? Check out the NX Watch browser extension!

  • Optional Push Notifications
  • Release Date status
  • Reveal status
  • Retail Name status
  • Preorder status
  • Latest NX news articles and media
  • Quick access to /r/NintendoNX
  • List of upcoming NX games

Full details here

Posting Spoilers

[NX launches in March 2017](/spoiler)

Shows up like this:

NX launches in March 2017

Serious Discussion Archives


>1. Remember the human. Be respectful of others and their opinions. Trolling, harassment, and similar behavior isn’t welcome. If you don’t know what “be nice” means, don’t post. Read more about reddiquette.

>2. Any post about a topic covered in the Wiki or FAQ will be removed. Have a general question? Check our Wiki and FAQ first. The answer’s probably there.

>3. No low-effort rumors. First-hand and unsourced rumors will be removed. Please contact the mod team for verification if you have something to share.

>4. All AMAs must be pre-approved by the mod team. Please reach out to the mod team with verification documents to confirm your identity and we’ll work with you to get your post scheduled and approved

>5. No YouTube Spam. What is allowed: Official videos from Nintendo, official gameplay trailers from developers/publishers, and video reviews from major news outlets. What is not allowed: Unboxings, reaction/hype/rumor videos, podcasts, news recap videos (We’re their source anyway!), and exceeding reddit’s 10% self-promotion guidelines.

>6. Specify the region in the title of your post when appropriate. Format should be similar to “[NA] eShop Sale for the Week of 10/23”

>7. Use spoiler tags when necessary and avoid putting spoilers in the title. Don’t ruin fun surprises for others!

>8. Reposts and low-effort content removed at mod discretion. Examples of low-effort content include: posts with no body text, diary posts, questions covered in our wiki/FAQ. A good rule of thumb is not to repost content if it’s been on here within the past week.

>9. No clickbait, vague, or subjective post titles. Your title should stand on its own and convey the content of your post quickly and effectively. Someone should not be required to read the body of the post or click the link for the title to make sense. Editorialized and all-caps titles will be removed.

>10. Save memes, circlejerking, and shitposts for our weekly “Shitpost Sunday” thread. Now that we have actual information to discuss, let’s not have half of our posts be memes, eh? If you just can’t fulfill your thirst for memes, head over to /r/CasualNintendo.

>11. Link to the original source whenever possible. News travels fast, so repetitive articles/blogs/stories will be removed.

>12. No buying, trading or selling games/consoles; no begging; and no affiliate links. Interested in selling/trading? Visit /r/GameSwap and /r/GameSale instead.

>13. No NSFW content.

>14. No hacks, roms, or homebrew content. We know, it's early for this sort of thing, but we're just covering our bases.

>15. Questions for the mod team should go through modmail. Posts of this nature will be removed.

> 16. User flair text is subject to mod review. We recommend using your user flair to share your Nintendo Network ID. If you want to do something else, please keep it short and within reason. Anything deemed inappropriate by the mod team will be removed. We know we don't have flair yet, but it's definitely coming down the road, just covering our bases.

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