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A Reddit community dedicated to Nioh, an action RPG developed by Team Ninja and published by Koei Tecmo exclusively on PS4 for release February 7th, 2017.


Please follow Reddiquette

  1. Harassment, flaming, and similar behaviors will not be tolerated. This applies to other users as well as to moderators.
  2. All posts must be Nioh related in content, not just in the title.
  3. Avoid spoilers in titles. If your post contains spoilers, please give it the appropriate flair.
  4. No rage or rant posts. This game is difficult, but please be thoughtful about expressing your frustration.
  5. No low-effort posts. Posts which are simply self-promotion, bragging (be that a video, image, or text-based post), or add little value will be removed. Content should do one of the following: add new information, be helpful/a guide, be humorous, be original content (self-created and not just a stream or gameplay video), have analysis or discussion attached.
  6. All posts must have proper flairs assigned.
  7. If you do not follow the aforementioned rules, your posts may be removed and you may receive a ban (the length of which depends on the infraction).

Spoiler Tags

If you are submitting a post with a spoiler in the title (or where the image, video, et cetera may contain a spoiler in the thumbnail), please use the appropriate flair when submitting.


If you are writing a spoiler in the text of a post or comment, please use the following code:


[Spoiler](#s "Text of spoiler")


This will display as follows: Spoiler

Link Flair

All users are expected to use link flair when submitting their posts.


If you do not add flair to your post within three minutes, you will receive a message from /u/FlairHelperBot instructing you to do so.


If you fail to flair your post after this message, you will have your post removed automatically and may resubmit it with an appropriate flair.


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