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A Reddit community dedicated to Nioh, an action RPG developed by Team Ninja and published by Koei Tecmo exclusively on PS4 for release February 7th, 2017.


Please follow Reddiquette

  1. Harassment, flaming, and similar behaviors will not be tolerated. This applies to other users as well as to moderators.

  2. All posts must be Nioh related in content, not just in the title.

  3. Avoid spoilers in titles. If your post contains spoilers, please give it the appropriate flair.

  4. No rage or rant posts. This game is difficult, but please be thoughtful about expressing your frustration.

  5. While original content is welcome at /r/Nioh, we expect users to participate beyond self-promotion, which should account for no more than 10% of their activity on the sub. Content that is informative, helpful, humorous, original (not just LP or stream footage), or content that features discussion or analysis is always welcome on /r/Nioh with adequate participation.

  6. Please assign your post appropriate flair.

  7. No witch hunting. No calling others out for in-game behavior. Do not link to someone else’s YT or Twitch channel or reference their reddit username or PSN ID when making a complaint or portraying them negatively. If you suspect someone is cheating report them via PSN. Violations will result in a temporary ban. Repeat violations will result in a permanent ban.

  8. Discussion on the existence of save file editing are allowed (if the discussion does not violate another sub rule). Discussion explaining how to save file edit or linking to tutorials or resources for save file editing are forbidden.

  9. If you violate the above rules, your post/comment may be removed and a you may receive a ban based on the circumstances.

Spoiler Tags

If you are submitting a post with a spoiler in the title (or where the image, video, et cetera may contain a spoiler in the thumbnail), please use the appropriate flair when submitting.


If you are writing a spoiler in the text of a post or comment, please use the following code:


[Spoiler](#s "Text of spoiler")


This will display as follows: Spoiler

For Users New To /r/Nioh

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