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  • Please post anything related to Nirvana or its original members.

  • Discussing the death of Kurt Cobain, specifically suicide or murder, are prohibited.

  • No Politics

  • Please leave the Courtney bashing at the door.

  • Absolutely no file sharing of official music. Doing so may result in a ban.

  • No original music unless approved by the moderators.

  • Cover songs are to be posted in /r/NirvanaCovers.

  • Low-effort threads and frequent reposts will be removed without warning or explaination.

  • Posting spam will result in an immediate ban without warning.

  • Posting mp3/album giveaways, polls, or surveys must be cleared with the mods.

  • Anyone without at least 10 comment karma will not be able to post, and any attempts will be removed instantaneously by AutoModerator.

  • Any posts that link to Alternative Nation will be removed instantaneously by AutoModerator.

  • Absolutely no missing the comfort in being sad.

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