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A place to discuss alternatives to shampoo and natural hair care

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A place to discuss natural hair care and alternatives to shampoo

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Girls & Guys welcome!

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Flair: Describe your no-poo method & hair type in your user flair! Guide for determining hair type

Example: "Type 3A medium length, water-only" Include as much info as you want about your hair: curl pattern, length, density, porosity, oily, dry, colored, permed, keratin treated, natural, etc.

PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING: Some basic tips on going No Poo:

  • Going "No Poo" or "Shampoo-Free" means eliminating the use of sulfates & harsh chemicals (commonly found in modern, commercial shampoos) that strip our hair & scalp of its natural oils, which causes dry, frizzy, damage-susceptible hair & makes our scalp's oil production go into overdrive. See: The Benefits of going Shampoo-free

  • There are many ways to go shampoo-free & still get clean-looking, nice-smelling hair! Every method can do something different for your hair. This is a learning process; don't get discouraged if one method doesn't give you the perfect results right away. There is a method that works for every hair type, it just takes a bit of tweaking to find it. That's what this sub is for! See: How to get through the Initial Oily Phase

  • Before you put anything new on your hair/skin, make sure you use the recommended ingredient amounts & ratios, and follow the directions (to avoid drying out hair, irritations, etc.). Try new products in small amounts first, especially if you have any skin sensitivities or are trying something completely different from usual. (Don't just dump baking soda or honey on your head!!)

  • Baking soda and ACV are NOT the only options for no-poo!! They are both far from your scalp on the pH scale and can have negative effects if used long-term. Take some time to learn about pH before you move forward- see links below.

Traditional shampoo can be replaced with: Click for Links, Recipes, & Tutorials!

Conditioner can be replaced with: Click for Links, Recipes, & Tutorials!

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Learn about pH:

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