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Welcome to /r/NoSleepOOC. This is an out of character subreddit created for the /r/NoSleep community. Please feel free to discuss any matters related to the NoSleep community.

The Nosleep Podcast is its own entity, and the moderators of NoSleep are not involved in any way. For questions and comments regarding the podcast, check out their subreddit!

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Rules and Policies.

  • Please read the OOC FAQ and/or utilize the search function for this subreddit before submitting a post. Discussions and questions that have already been posted repeatedly will be removed.

  • All posts made to /r/nosleepOOC must be intended to start some sort of /r/nosleep, community, horror, or writing related discussion. This is not /r/creepy. Posts that only serve to share a photo, video, or article will be removed. The only exception that will be made to this rule is for advertisement posts that meet the rest of the guidelines.

  • Respect one another. There is no such thing as a bad opinion or bad idea. Everyone is entitled to share their thoughts and personal attacks against those you disagree with will NOT be tolerated.

  • Posts made for the sole purpose of bashing /r/nosleep and/or it's readers and/or authors are not appropriate and will be removed. You are more than welcome to discuss problems you have with /r/nosleep, but it must be done in a calm and respectful manner.

  • Posts to /r/NoSleepOOC that are primarily geared toward boycotts, calls to action, or witch hunts will be removed without warning.

  • Posts to /r/NoSleepOOC that seek to inform the public of mass-plagiarism are allowed so long as they do not violate the previous rule.

  • No posts about specific authors. This is for posts about NoSleep as a community, not individual authors on NoSleep.

  • Do not use r/nosleepOOC to gain views for your story on r/nosleep or ask about it's removal. If you have a removal question, you can and should message the moderators.

  • Any posts simply commenting on the quality of a story and/or critiquing the writing of it (whether positive or negative), asking if anyone else liked a story, or asking whether or not there has been an update to a story/series will be removed. Posts looking for specific stories should be made on r/nosleepfinder.

  • If you are advertising something (whether it's yours or not), you may post about it only once a week. You should participate in the community more often than you post your own promotional stuff, and follow reddit's site-wide spam guidelines. You may only advertise fundraisers and/or projects that are related to /r/nosleep and it's community. Personal fundraisers will be removed.

  • Every thought or opinion will be addressed by at least one moderator. Majority opinions will be discussed at length with the community and an effort will be made to please both sides of the issue.

  • MOST IMPORTANTLY, this is not a subreddit for stories. Let's do our best to keep it to discussion about the NoSleep community. If you are looking for a story, please post your request to r/nosleepfinder, and if you are looking for a critique please post your story to /r/nosleepworkshops.

Posts and comments on this subreddit may be removed at moderator discretion.

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