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Recycled Retail Buildings

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/r/NotFoolingAnybody is a place to post pictures of former chain businesses that have been converted to other uses, yet still strongly resemble their former use.


1) Posting Guidelines: When submitting content, please make sure it is one of the following:

• A chain-built store that was converted to another use, yet it is still obvious what the building used to be. (Example)

• A building that was built for a specific, obvious purpose that is now used for a new, unintended purpose. (Example)

• A store whose building or signage purposely imitates a chain, yet is unrelated to that chain. (Example)

2) If you post a screenshot of a building from Google Street View, please include a link in the comments to the location of the building on Street View. Not only does this provide a source for your screenshot, but it gives other users who are interested the opportunity to look at the building in greater detail.

3) No gore or pornography. If something is NSFW, please mark it as such.

4) No image macros/memes.

5) Be polite!

Looking for information about identifying converted chain buildings in your area? Come visit our Wiki!

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