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/r/Nujabes simplified into a playlist.

Welcome to /r/Nujabes!

Love listening to Nujabes and other similar artists? Do you want to expand your library with amazing artists like him? Then you've come to the right place! In this subreddit, you'll encounter a myriad of musical genres ranging from jazz, bossa nova, and funk, to instrumentals, hip hop, trip hop, ambient, and many more.

Just remember: Give a thorough listen to all the contributions that are being made in this subreddit, and do not downvote links because the music doesn't suit your taste.

Don't be an asshole troll.

This subreddit is for people to have the opportunity to open their ears and perhaps their minds through music. If you have any suggestions, questions, or if your post gets stuck in spam, feel free to PM the moderators and we'll sort everything out.

Listen and Enjoy!

If you have any pictures, videos, or recordings of Nujabes, Please post them here!

Previous AMAs

Funky DL

Bop Alloy (Substantial and Marcus D)




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