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The Feminist Fifth Column

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/r/feminism has come under the control of so-called "Mens Rights" activists. These people claim to represent the rights of men. They are analogous to the "White Rights" movement claiming to represent the rights of white people. Their movement was founded on a hatred of feminism. They actively work to reverse the gains in equality that feminists have achieved over the years.

This sub is a hub for the OCCUPY FEMINISM reddit movement. The goal is to have a sit-in of sorts. We become part of the community. We subscribe, comment, vote, and generally make the place a feminist safe space through old-fashioned non-confrontational protest. We DO NOT argue with MRAs that may be there. We DO NOT give the mods any excuse to ban us.

This sub is not affiliated with SRS, although many of our users are also SRSters.

The use of alt. accounts is encouraged. Effortposts are encouraged. <sort=new> is encouraged. Linking to notable /r/feminism threads is encouraged. X-posts from /r/feminism, with or without screenshots, are encouraged. Rants and [HELLDUMP]s are encouraged.

Courage is encouraged.


Notable feminist subs under MRA control:

  • /r/feminism
  • /r/meta_feminism
  • /r/askfeminists

Notable feminist subs run by actual feminists:

  • /r/feminisms
  • /r/metafeminism
  • /r/meta_meta_feminism
  • /r/wherearethefeminists
  • /r/SRSFeminism
  • /r/SRSWomen (reddit's only women-only sub)

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