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>#Welcome to OCPoetry > > This is a home for all of your original poems. See our sister sub /r/poetry for poetry content. Don't know how to start with giving feedback? Check out our feedback guidelines

>#r/OCPoetry Discord > > We now have our own Discord chat server - come hang out at

> # The Dos and Don'ts of OCpoetry:

> 0. This subreddit is for Original Content only. Please use our sister sub /r/Poetry for regular poetry content.
Please provide feedback to users that have a Feedback Request. Be courteous and respectful, but don't be afraid to give harsh critique. Remember that the author isn't always the narrator. After giving feedback, ask the author to return the favor!
To receive feedback, you must provide 2 pieces of feedback you've given recently (within last 2 months). Please link to these in the body of your post. Links should be unique to each submission (don't re-use links). The feedback should be a genuine effort to help (high-effort) improve the poem. Here is some More Info on high-effort feedback. Low-effort feedback will be removed at the mods' discretion.
If you want to share a poem without first providing others feedback, please use the dedicated Sharethreads.
Do not use URL shorteners. Do not post blogspam.
Audio, video, and image poems are allowed; however, all prior rules must be followed. Further, the text of the piece must be included in the post body here.

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> # Formatting Help

>* 4 spaces before each line to format however you want

>* Two spaces at the end of a line a line break

>* Type Enter twice for a stanza break

>* Type "\ " for an empty line

>* For blackout poetry use the following format:
> [content](#b) > or [content](#blackout)

View our navigation menu in the header for useful subs/resources!

> If you have a question Send a message to the Mods

> * Moderators reserve the right to remove posts as we think best serves the /r/ocpoetry community. > * We're only human. If you have an issue please explain it clearly and concisely so that we are best able to help you. Also, please be nice.

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