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Odd Future Wolf Gang

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>###Welcome to /r/OFWGKTA! > - This is a subreddit for fans of the hip-hop collective, Odd Future.

>###Rules: > Keep it on-topic. Posts unrelated to Odd Future or this subreddit will be removed. Keep comments civil and mature. Refrain from using slurs or making purposefully inflammatory remarks. Don't post leaks/illegal downloads of Odd Future albums released for sale. You may purchase them online through the Odd Future store. Image macros, advice animals and other memes are not allowed. Any posts of that nature will be removed. All posts about Odd Future merchandise, official or custom, will be removed, but can be posted in the stickied Merch Post thread. This includes buying, selling, pictures of recent purchases, etc. Link posts to social media (Twitter, Instagram, etc.) will be removed, with very infrequent exceptions regarding major announcements. (This applies to screenshots of social media as well.) No low-effort image posts. That means no links to images unrelated to Odd Future news or music. Images like album covers have to be self-posted. Posts that speculate on new releases must provide sources to substantiate claims. Posts that do not contain sources will be removed at moderator discretion.



>###Members of Odd Future: > Tyler, The Creator Earl Sweatshirt Hodgy Beats Domo Genesis Mike G Left Brain Frank Ocean Matt Martians Hal Williams Syd Tha Kyd Jasper Dolphin Taco Bennett The Internet Mellowhype * The Jet Age of Tomorrow

>###Helpful Links
> Odd Future Discography Part One
Odd Future Discography Part Two
Odd Future's Official YouTube Channel
Odd Future Merchandise Tyler. the Creator, and Me: What To Do At An Odd Future Show
List of every Odd Future member's Twitter account
Odd Future Facebook Room GolfWang Official Site

>###Related Subreddits > /r/earlsweatshirt /r/tylerthecreator /r/birdswithtylerheads /r/ofwgktajerk /r/hiphopheads /r/hiphopimages * /r/golfwang

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