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Console Overwatch

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r/OWConsole is a place for console players to discuss Overwatch. Here, you will find discussion of console-specific issues as well as resources made specifically for the console community.


  • Submissions should be console related
  • No witch-hunts and accusations
  • No LFG posts. Use megathreads instead
  • Stick to the 9:1 rule for self-promotion
  • No transactions or boosting services
  • No PC Master Race posts
  • Be civil and respectful
    You can read our full rules here


▸ LFG Megathread
▸ Get Your Competitive Flair
▸ Aim Settings/Controller Layouts
▸ Console Streamers/Youtubers
▸ Join Our Discord Channel
▸ The Overguard League
▸ Main Overwatch Subreddit

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