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Obscure Knowledge

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This subreddit is dedicated to the exchange and discussion of obscure facts, charts, and definitions.

əbˈskyo͝or/ > >adjective
>adjective: obscure; comparative adjective: obscurer; superlative adjective: obscurest > >- not important or well known.
>"an obscure religious sect"


  • Do not spam.
  • Do not needlessly harass.
  • Do not deliberately pursue a political agenda.
  • Do not deliberately pursue a commercial agenda.


  • Do speak freely.
    >The point of trivial discussion is to enjoy it - the fate of mankind does not rest on these comment threads, so feel free to go off into whichever tangents you might find interesting.

  • Do remain skeptical.
    >As should be self-evident, take everything with a grain of salt. This is the internet, and simply posting something that sounds somewhat probable doesn't make it true. Question claims and request sources.

  • Do cite your sources.
    >Given the previous statement, it is recommended that you cite a source when posting trivia. While it is not required, consistent quality posts will earn you the respect of the community, and whatever that brings about (read: karma.)


|Sign|Description| |:-:|:-| |[✓]|Source cited, confirmed claim.| |[?]|Source not cited, unconfirmed claim.| |[X]|Claim proven wrong by reputable source.|

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