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For news that isn't new. News from history, news from the past. Be it funny, quirky, offbeat, important, dramatic: the older the better!

Posting Guide:

  • Please try to link to original source articles only. A modern article reporting on an old event is not a substitute for an original article from the date of the event itself.

  • If a direct link is not available, please link to the nearest article and give suitable direction. Example.

  • If your post is a pdf, please try to link to a landing page which links to that file. Else, please state [pdf] in your title.

  • All posts must contain a link to a working freely accessible news archive. If your post is a link to an image of an article only, you must include a working archive link in the comments.

  • Stories from the pre-1960's are preferred... but we will accept any pre-1990 story. Just try to remember our motto: "The older the better!"


See Wikipedia's list of online newspaper archives for more.

Note on Google News Archive search:

From 17 December 2013 though January 2014, Google has made it increasingly difficult to search their newspaper archives. This is due to unspecified upgrades which will take an unspecified amount of time.

A workaround to this is to search:

With your search terms. To search by date, add the following parameters (for example):


To contact google directly regarding this issue, please click this link.

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