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Once Upon a Time

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  • All posts must be marked with a flair and follow the spoiler policy.
  • Always use Reddiquette! Be kind and respectful to everybody.
  • Homophobia, sexism, racism or any other form of hate speech is not tolerated.
  • Do not downvote comments you disagree with; this is a forum for all opinions. If you see a comment that you think breaks the rules, report it.
  • Use the search tool before asking a question.
  • Content must be related to Once Upon a Time in some way.
  • Do not post torrents, unsanctioned streams, or links to junk sites.


  • All posts should be marked with a spoiler flair regarding the season discussed.
  • Mask speculation and spoilers in unmarked posts. [Example: A post discussing season 3 does not need information regarding season 3 masked, but information regarding seasons 4 and beyond should be hidden.]
  • Marked posts do not need to have spoiler/speculation masks within them; enter at your own risk.
  • Spoilers regarding the most recent episode must be marked with “[Spoilers]” in the title for one week following the airdate. Additionally, link posts must be marked with the “spoiler” tag to hide any spoilers in image thumbnails. [Example: episodes airing Sunday should be marked and/or tagged with spoilers until the following Sunday.]
  • Post titles with spoilers from the current season and unaired information are not allowed and will be removed promptly. [Example: no spoilers in post titles for season 5 until season 6 begins.]
  • Unaired spoilers must be clearly marked; this includes anything pertaining to casting information, future plot lines and story arcs.

To tag text as speculation or as a spoiler, please use the format below:

[Your spoiler(s) here]|(/spoiler) ---|--- [Your speculation here]|(/spec)

Example of a spoiler tag

Example of a speculation tag

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