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| | | | | -|-|-|-|- 10/14||DOTA| TNC Pro| 0-2 10/14||CSGO| SK Gaming| 7-16 10/14||CSGO| SK Gaming| 15-19 10/15||CSGO|AGO Gaming| 16-12 10/15||CSGO|TEAM5| 16-1 10/15||CSGO|eXtatus| 16-11 10/18||GOW|FireNIce| 2-0 10/19||CSGO| CLG| 14-16 10/19||CSGO| CLG| 16-1 10/20||HALO|TBD|TBD

*All times are in EDT

Upcoming and Ongoing Events

Date|Team|Event ---|:-:|-|:-: 08/22|CSGO| ESL Pro League Season 6 10/06|CSGO| ECS Season 4 10/20|HALO| HCS Fall Finals 11/02|CSGO| ELEAGUE Boston European Minor 11/04|DOTA|DreamLeague Season 8 NA Qualifier 11/11|CSGO| iBUYPOWER Masters 11/11|GOW|Fall Regionals 11/18|CSGO| IEM Oakland 11/18|DOTA|Midas Mode Invitational 12/06|OW| OWL Season 1 Preseason 12/13|OW| DOTA Summit 8 01/10|OW| OWL Season 1 Regular Season

*All dates indicate start date

Live Streams

Name|Stream|Viewers :-:|:-:|:-: Hitch||265 Streams Updated at: 10/20 00:05 EST

Recent News

Date|Team|News :-:|:-:|- 10/15|CSGO|Qualfies for EU Minor 9/26|DOTA|OpTic enters DOTA 2 9/20|OW|OpTic joins Overwatch League 8/22|CSGO|HS joins 8/21|CSGO|Friberg, Magisk, Allu join 8/15|CSGO|Tarik and Rush leave 8/13|COD|1st at 2017 Call of Duty World Championship


Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

Player|Twitter|YouTube|Stream -|:-:|:-:|:-: Scump||| Crimsix||| FormaL||| Karma|||

Halo 5: Guardians

Player|Twitter|YouTube|Stream -|:-:|:-:|:-: Lxthul||| Frosty||N/A| Royal2||| SnakeBite||| Royal1 (Coach)||N/A|N/A

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Player|Twitter|YouTube|Stream -|:-:|:-:|:-: M1xwell||| Friberg||| Allu||N/A| Magisk||N/A| HS||N/A| ImAPet (Coach)||N/A|

Gears of War 4

Player|Twitter|YouTube|Stream -|:-:|:-:|:-: MentaL||| Xplosive||| Kenny||| SuMuNs||| Icy||| Ashes (Coach)|||


Player|Twitter|YouTube|Stream -|:-:|:-:|:-: Pajkatt||N/A| CC&C||N/A| zai||N/A| MiSeRy||N/A| ppd||| Kodiak (Manager)||N/A|

Content Team

Member|Twitter|YouTube|Stream -|:-:|:-:|:-: H3CZ||| J||| Di3sel||| Hutch||| Midnite||| Pamaj||| Mboze||| Hitch||| BigTymer||| Create||| MaNiaC|| | Flamesword||| Predator||| Proofy|||

Design Team

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