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Overwatch University

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Welcome to Overwatch University

Overwatch University is a community dedicated to helping players improve and learn by providing a place where they can share and discuss strategies or ideas, ask questions, post guides and more!

Visit our Guides & Resources to find our library of guides ranging from heroes to maps. Content will continuously be added here, so check back often.

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Rules (hover for info)

1. Post Quality Guidelines Updated

  • Low-Effort Content

    • Celebratory posts will be removed
    • Questions that do not encourage discussion and only require a simple answer are only allowed in our Simple Questions Thread.
    • Vague "How to improve" questions are removed unless a VOD is linked or weaknesses are specified
    • Generic tips are getting removed outside the "Tips and Tricks" megathreads
    • Balance suggestions will be removed.

2. Irrelevant Content Rule

  • Irrelevant Content Rule

  • Submissions to Overwatch University are not only required to be related to Overwatch as a game, but also to the educational aspects surrounding it. This means that every submissions we find irrelevant to the very purpose of the subreddit, which is to facilitate healthy discussions about the game in an educational-focused enviroment, will be removed.


  • Examples of Irrelevant Content:

    • PTR based self-posts*
    • Memes/Macros
    • NSFW content
    • Interest Gauging submissions
    • Image/Video-content without a text body

  • *We would have a PTR-dedicated thread for this.

3. Insulting & Offensive Terms

  • Insulting Users

  • Any form of heavily offensive language and/or inflammatory language used is prohibited. No trolling, belittling, name-calling, threats, harassment or discriminatory language. Treat others how you want to be treated.

  • Don't disagree others' opinions just because they have a lower rating than you do. /r/OverwatchUniversity is about promoting healthy discussion and extensive educational content, and offensive/discriminatory language directly harms the purpose of the subreddit.

4. Serious Replies Only

  • Serious Replies Only

  • Top level comments must contain serious answers, while replies to top level comments must not derail serious discussion. Any submission failing in meeting these conditions, will be promptly removed.


  • Overwatch University is a subreddit dedicated to the educational aspects of Overwatch, we want our users to maintain focus on learning the game, rather than being distracted by memeing or being ridiculed when asking for help.

5. Clickbaiting Titles Rule

  • Clickbaiting Titles Rule

  • Sensationalist titles and non-extensive "extensive" guides will be removed. /r/OverwatchUniversity is an educational subreddit, and providing its userbase with clickbaiting titles is likely to directly contradict the educational value of the subreddit.


  • That being said, we do allow guides that actually are extensive the usage of the word, or close synonyms/other varities of it. We will also be slightly lenient when it comes to titles with arbitrary numbers.

6. Advertisement Rule Updated

  • Advertisement Rule

  • We do not allow any advertising of any kind.

  • These include, but are not limited to:

    • YouTube Channels
    • Streams
    • Paid Coaching Services
    • Team-related Advertisement
    • Other off-site services

  • ^If ^you'd ^like ^to ^advertise ^anything ^on ^this ^subreddit, ^please ^send ^your ^inquiry ^towards ^the ^moderator ^team.

7. AMA Rule

  • AMA Rule

  • Unapproved AMA's are not allowed. In order to maintain a certain value on educational content, we're disallowing any AMA's being arranged without the permission of the moderator team.


  • Instead of an AMA, document your thoughts into a post. A few questions we get often on AMA posts are:

    • What is your number one tip to a new player?
    • What do you think are the most important things you focused on that helped you improve?
    • How did you approach X or Y problem?
    • How do you deal with X champion?

  • If you believe you have a substantive AMA in hand, click the button here Modmail and send us a request - we'll review your case.


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