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Developer - Game | Date | Time ---|---|--- Frontier - Elite Dangerous | June 27 | 11am EST/4pm BST Prospect Games - Unbox: Newbie's Adventure | July 29 | 12pm EST/5pm BST


Game|NA Date|EU Date :-|:-:|:-: Cladun Returns: This is Sengoku!|June 06|June 09|✓| Dark Rose Valkyrie|June 06|June 09|✓| Dirt 4|June 06|June 09|✓| The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind|June 06|June 06|✓| Jump Stars|June 06|June 06|| Neighborhorde|June 06|--|| Randall|June 06|--|| Special Delivery|June 06|--||PSVR (req.) Superbeat: Xonic|June 06|June 06|✓| The Town of Light|June 06|June 06|✓| Victor Vran|June 06|June 06|| Wipeout Omega Collection|June 06|June 07|✓| Perception|June 07|--|| Cars 3: Driven to Win|June 13|--|✓| Pixel Heroes: Byte & Magic|June 15|June 15|| Cryptark|June 20|June 20|| Dead by Daylight|June 20|June 23|✓| Dungeon Defenders II|June 20|June 20|| God Wars Future Past|June 20|June 16|✓| MXGP 3|June 20|--|✓| Nex Machina|June 20|June 20|| Get Even|June 23|June 23|| Elite Dangerous|June 27|June 27|✓| The Golf Club 2|June 27|June 30|✓| Valkyria Revolution|June 27|June 30|✓| AereA|June 30|June 30|| Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy|June 30|June 30|✓|

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