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> About Battlegrounds

PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS is a competitive survival shooter. Players are dropped into a wide, open area, and they must fight to the death - all while the battlefield shrinks, adding pressure to all in its grip.

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> Posting Rules

  1. Please follow reddiquette
  2. Please keep content posted relevant to BATTLEGROUNDS
  3. No discussion of exploits, hacks or piracy. Also, do not post explaining an exploit or hack method. This just ensures that the exploit isn't, further, publicized and used. Use a more direct method to Bluehole for reporting the issue
  4. Any form of discrimination, bigotry and/or racism is not tolerated
  5. No asking/trading/begging threads or comments of items related to Battlegrounds
  6. Unnecessary negative comments towards other games or communities will be removed and may result in more extreme punishment, if continued.
  7. No low-quality posts / memes.
  8. Promotion is generally disallowed but is left to moderators discretion. Please contact us before posting it. Do not message us with channel/stream links
  9. No LFG/LFC/LFT threads. Use the Discord for this

Giveaways should follow rule 8. Contact us beforehand

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