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>> ~~About Battlegrounds~~ PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG) is a competitive survival shooter. Players are dropped into a wide, open area, and they must fight to the death - all while the battlefield shrinks, adding pressure to all in its grip.

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Please follow reddiquette

> * Any form of discrimination, bigotry, racism or hostility directed towards other players (or other games) will not be tolerated.

No discussion of specific exploits, hacks or piracy

> Any discussion of hacks, exploits or piracy will be removed and action taken accordingly. This includes where to obtain them, how they work and how to use them. Please do not post about a specific user you believe to be exploiting/cheating, this will be taken as a witch-hunt and will be removed. * Please report any suspected hacking or exploiting activity directly to PUBG Corp. using this link.

No trading, begging, LFG or gambling posts

> Posts relating to the trading and buying of in-game items or game copies should not be made here and will be removed. If you would like to find others to play with, please use our official Subreddit Discord using the link in the next sidebar section. * No gambling or linking to gambling websites.

No low effort posts or unrelated topics

> This includes, but is not limited to, simple screenshots of loot, your inventory, or other common PUBG sights, as well as memes and any other contributions that would be considered low effort. Posts on the Subreddit should ideally contain content capable of sparking discussion, and should be specifically about the game.

No direct promotion

> No promotion of Twitch, YouTube or any other platform accounts. Please contact us if you want to do a giveaway, we can give you further details on what we allow.

Megathreads, common topics, and duplicate topics

> During the week we will have various megathreads covering various topics. You can find them here. Any posts covering these topics outside of the megathreads will be removed. Common topics that are seen multiple times per day will be removed as long as a similar topic has been popularized recently. We will also remove topics which duplicate a recent post (such as multiple posts of the same stream highlight or news item). Additionally, there are times where an event occurs that sparks a range of lively interest and opinions. If there are already publicised posts on the topic we may remove separate threads which do not contribute new information.

No game ban appeals

> Complaints or appeals relating to specific game bans should be made directly to PUBG Corp. or BattleEye and not to the subreddit. Subreddit moderators or users cannot help with bans, and posting them here only succeeds in fueling drama, often with little evidence. * General discussion of PUBG's rules and ban reasons are allowed.

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> Reporting

> Our friends

> Custom Matches

Subreddit Custom Matches

> When/What?

  • Weekly Schedule
  • Custom Matches are held on a regular basis and are hosted by the moderator team. These matches are primarily organized through our Discord server, but all are welcome to join!

> How do I get in on the fun??

  • Step 1: Join our Discord server: >
  • Step 2: Once in, click on the "Yes" emote in the #welcome channel. Don't forget to also take a look at the remainder of the discord rules while you are at it!
  • Step 3: Two new channels should now be visible named #custom-games and #custom-chat-lfg (after your ten minute wait.) Be online at the scheduled times and we will be posting the custom game details in the #custom-games channel!

> Tournaments

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Legion Esports

  1. ~~PC 1.0 Update #13~~
  2. Subreddit custom games

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