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Titty fuckin at it's finest

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Post any and all pictures, gifs, and videos of paizuri here.

What is Paizuri?

--It's the Japanese word for breast fucking/titty fucking. Prominent in anime hentai/manga and their porn industry.

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  • Posts where ANYONE (girl or boy or anthro/monster thing) appear to be underage regardless of breast size are NOT allowed and will be removed.
  • Please keep all submissions to pixiv, imgur, gfycat, or Direct links to tumblr content and popular video sites (pornhub, xvideos, etc) are okay as well.
  • Please post the source of the image in the comments. If it's from an anime or game, put the name of it in [brackets].
  • Posting full doujins with paizuri in them are welcome and encouraged as long as it's rehosted in an imgur album.
  • Futanari is welcome.
  • If you report a post, please mod mail us the link and reason why.

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