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About /r/Palestine

  • r/Palestine is a subreddit which focuses on Palestine, its people and culture.

  • r/Palestine is intended to be a community for the discussion of all matters relating to Palestine, whether political or otherwise.

  • Palestine is an occupied nation, which declared its Independence on November 15, 1988, with East Jerusalem as its capital. /r/Palestine will not accept Judea and Samaria as a reference for Palestine.




Community Rules

  • Make sure to adhere to the rules of reddit, also familiarize yourself with Reddiquette. This will help you avoid any potential mishaps.

  • 1) Be civil. Civil discussion is welcome and encouraged. However, overly confrontational and inflammatory rhetoric is not. Particularly disrespectful or hateful discriminatory submissions or comments which dehumanize, denigrate, ridicule, defame or smear another redditor, person or group of people. NOTE: the following terms "pals", "pallywood", and all other offensive slang describing Palestinians, Arabs or any religion is strictly prohibited. This kind of content will be removed and the moderators reserve the right to take action against posters as they see fit.

  • 2) While we welcome submissions from all quarters, do not use this subreddit as your personal dumping ground, including links from other subs that import drama from one sub here. The moderators may remove content at their discretion that breaks this rule.

  • 3) Content must be relevant to Palestine and post titles cannot be editorialized.** Make sure that the submitted content is relevant to Palestine and that you do not editorialize the title of your submission. Submissions that do not follow this simple rule will be removed.

  • 4)Significant claims are expected to be sourced.** Failure to cite an objective source following being requested to do so will result in removal of the post in question.

  • 5) Bans, warnings and ban appeals are entirely at the discretion of the moderators. The moderators will always operate in good faith but retain full discretion and autonomy in banning any redditor for any duration of time, with or without warning.

  • 6) Posts may only be made in Arabic or English.** Posts in any other language will be removed.

  • 7) Do not post any meme images, GIFs or image macros except as comments. Any such posts will be removed.

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