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News regarding the Panama Papers Scandal

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This subreddit has been created to provide a platform for sharing news and background details surrounding the Panama Paper revelations.

TL;DR: What are the Panama Papers?

The Panama Papers are a 2.6 TB data leak from one of the worlds biggest offshore bankaccount facilitators, located in, you guessed it, Panama. 11.5 million documents have been evaluated by journalists from over 100 organizations from 78 countries. Their findings will be released continuously, and have been spearheaded by the Süddeutsche Zeitung, the Guardian and Le Monde.

What do we know so far?

Multiple heads of government or close friends and family, and other influential individuals have been involved. These include Vladimir Putin, Bashar Al-Assad, Sigmundur David Gunnlaugsson and Lionel Messi. The Guardian provides a nice quick summary of what you need to know.

Here is an overview of people involved, provided by the ICIJ.

Here are the documents that have been released thus far.

Other useful resources

Offshore Leaks Database

Süddeutsche Zeitung Panama Papers Segment

The Guardian Panama Papers Reports

LeMonde Panama Papers

Official ICIJ Website

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