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PanicHistory: Keeping track of the hivemind's hysterical predictions of doom

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It seems like Reddit loves sensationalist headlines and predicting imminent disaster every week, only to quickly forget about it days later. Here's a place to document these panics and maybe expand Reddit's collective memory a bit.

/r/PanicHistory is a collection of Reddit threads from the past and present that predict some kind of disaster, whether it's the implementation of martial law, a fascist takeover of America or a looming US invasion of Iran. We're a skeptic subreddit that brings attention to the fact that sensationalist headlines and predictions of doom never really change.

Submission titles should contain the date, the source subreddit, a quote from the linked thread title or comment, and the score at the time of submission. For example:

9/15/15 r/politics: "By this time next year we will all be in FEMA camps." [+246]

PanicHistory highlights:

According to Reddit, America is...

Best of the Worst

Panic Hall of Fame

The PanicHistory wiki

A taxonomy of Reddit's hysteria

And if you haven't rolled your eyeballs hard enough to dislodge them into the back of your skull, try the following:

For a more rational approach to conspiracies, visit /r/actualconspiracies

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