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Welcome to R/Paranormal

> We welcome Personal paranormal experiences, debunked evidence, photo/video/audio evidence, thoughts and theories, discussion of equipment used and more. > Our community is a place for believers, skeptics and non-believers alike. >


Guidelines and Posting Rules

All Rules are linked to WIKI page for detailed information.

General Guidelines

  • New Accounts
  • ALL Posts from NEW accounts (under 7 days old) require manual approval.

  • Low Effort Posts.
  • Posts that are just a link, a single line in the body, Only a question in the title or general posts without context will be removed.
  • You must to add to the discussion in this page, so make an effort.
  • Things you can discuss in your post
  • what is happening in the submitted content?
  • when did this happen?
  • what led up to the event?
  • what happened after the event?
  • who witnessed it?
  • what equipment did you used to capture the event?
  • do you have any explanation?
  • have you tried to debunk it?
  • Or any background information you can provide on the area or surroundings.
  • Submissions with just a title and only a link in the body will be removed.

  • Urgent & Life or Death Posts
  • Are pointless online.
  • Please use logic and call local authorities or seek shelter if you feel you are in real danger.
  • You can not be saved by an online forum post. We are not responsible for loss of life or injuries because someone waited to read comments on their thread.

Posting Rules

  • 3.Videos
  • Must be original content and highlighting events only, no blogs/vlogs/webseries/episodes/etc
  • Readers should not need to scroll to find events or sit through a channel intro

  • 4.Stories
  • Fictional stories or stories that are not paranormal just scary, do not belong here, this is not a writing prompt sub. Such postings should be submitted to r/nosleep

  • 5.Spam & Promotions -
  • This is not a platform for promotion, self or otherwise, so DO NOT LINK ANYTHING. This includes websites, podcasts, YouTube channels, vlogs, blogs, etc.

  • Also, do not use this subreddit to farm for content for your websites, podcasts, YouTube channels, vlogs, blogs, etc.

  • DO NOT ; Repost removed submissions to avoid moderation, links to other subreddits, posting the same thing over and over when downvoted

  • 8.Segmented Posts/Karma Farming
  • Posts should not be submitted in multiple "parts" or "segments".
  • Character limits within this sub are set to the maximum.
  • If you find that you need more space to type your submission, please use the comment section on your post.
  • This is also applies to Updates, Update your original post if it is within 2 weeks of the submission date.

  • 9.Request & Discussion Threads
  • Before submitting a post that requests the community to participate in anything;
  • Including,
  • AMAs, Research ,Projects, or anything that would require the community to send you a PM or further information,
  • you must be verified.
  • To start the process, please message the moderators with your Request.
  • Requests that are not Paranormal Related will be rejected.
  • Posts that open a discussion topic to the community, must contain text within the body.
  • Your post should add to the discussion of your topic. Add your own experience and thoughts on the subject, follow up with background information or the history of the subject.
  • Posts that do not have text in the body of the post and only contain a question or discussion topic in the title will be removed.

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Encounters Unexplained



. . Community Involvement . .

  • Our Sister Pages

  • ParanormalScience > For more serious discussion on the Paranormal Sciences. Stricter rules for submission and discussion.

  • ParanormalHELP > To ask for help with your paranormal happenings and find Paranormal Investigators & Service providers in your area.

  • Paranormal_Voices > Specifically focusing on EVPs.



The moderation team of /r/Paranormal reserve the right to moderate posts, comments, and flair at their discretion, with regard to their perception of the suitability of said posts and comments for this subreddit. Repeat offenders will be banned.



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