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This is a community to discuss and share personal paranormal experiences, thoughts and theories.

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Subreddit Rules

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  2. Images- Should be uploaded to Use of other hosting services could cause removal of the post.
  3. Videos- Don't post them, unless it is your original content relating to your post.
  4. Fictional Stories- Fictional stories/scary stories do not belong here. Such postings should be submitted to r/nosleep
  5. Blogs/Vlogs/YouTube Channels/Webpages/Podcasts or ANY form of self-promotion- Does not belong here. We do not support Blogspam or outside Hosted Websites, they have their own website for posting.
  6. Dreams or Nightmares- Posts about dreams or nightmares should be posted to /r/Dreams or /r/Nightmare
  7. Hate posting- Comments or posts will be removed if they are rude, crude, insulting or inappropriate in any way. Extreme cases and repeat offenders can and will be banned at the moderator’s discretion.
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If you are unsure if your post will be allowed, please message the moderators before posting.

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