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Pictures of things that look like other things.

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Post pictures of things that look like something that it's not. Or sounds like something else. Or smells like something else. This subreddit is for things that unintentionally look like something else.


  • Please submit image links only, and don't hotlink! Rehost the image on a site such as imgur, or... actually just use imgur.

  • /r/Pareidolia is indexed by Karma Decay! Save yourself the shame of being caught reposting and check for previous submissions.

  • Occasional reposts are not against the rules. Downvote and move on if you don't like a post.

  • The report button is for spam, comments/entries that should be marked NSFW but haven't been, and entries that don't fit the rules of this sub.

  • That said, users trolling to accumulate downvotes contribute nothing and can/will be banned without warning.

  • While we're at it, if you can't get your point across without using racist/homophobic slurs, you might find yourself banned.

  • Sidebar image source.

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