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Parkour: The Art of Movement

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Parkour and Freerunning

What's the Difference? Some argue they're the same. Some argue that they're different. It all depends on your viewpoint! It is the argument that has been ongoing since the BBC Documentary, Jump London, where Sébastien Foucan invented the term "freerunning" for english-speaking viewers.

Semantically, they're different because modern use declares them to be different. Parkour being about efficiency and practicality. Freerunning being about freedom and creativity.

Historically, they come from the same people and the same practice. A name that Sébastien Foucan also invented, L'Art du Déplacement (Art of Movement). The differences stemming only from the separate reasons the earliest practitioners had for training.

How to Get Started!

First read the Subreddit Rules

It's our goal to host high-quality content about parkour and freerunning!

Rogueoperative’s Guide to Starting Parkour

A short form guide with a few useful tutorial resources, a macro and microscale look at training, and an elevator pitch of parkour philosophy.

Rogueoperative's Guide to Session One

A print and go guide to your first session that you can do alone or with a buddy.

Joecracko's advice to train for longevity

Have fun, train because you want to, and think to the future.

W0nderWhite's Guide to Parkour Injuries

A short guide to dealing with common injuries encountered in training.

Brooke's thoughts on why women hesitate to try parkour

What keeps women from going to their first session?

WFPF's Guide to Starting a Parkour Club

Guides, advice, and example "legal" documents that you might find useful if you're looking to start an -insert your desired organization- sanctioned parkour group.

Compilation of Must See Pk/Fr videos

Videos that have had a lasting impact on Parkour and Freerunning through the years.

TheRiddler123's Guide to Winter Training

Some pointers on getting the most out of your winter months.

AdzD's Guide to Starting Flips

A short guide to the different kinds of beginner flips and how you can start learning them safely with or without access to a gym.

AMA Series

Rafe Kelley

Rilla Hops

If you want to request an AMA create a text post with [AMA Request] in the title. Or if you know someone in the parkour community who would make a great AMA, message the mods!

Finding other traceurs

Use our handy announcement post to find locals each month.

Find a community near you through APK's poorly updated resource. Best for US traceurs.

Find a community or solo traceur near you via Parkour Exchange.

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