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Penmanship Porn

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What counts as penmanship?

For the purpose of this subreddit, penmanship is any hand-written text. This can be everyday handwriting, calligraphy and hand-written text on chalkboards, whiteboards, and signs.


If any submission breaks the following rules, report the post and message the mods about why you reported it.

1) No posts asking for help/tips with your handwriting/signature, and no posts asking for people to sign your name. Those posts should be posted in /r/Handwriting

2) Don't post anything that has the sole purpose of making fun of yours or someone else's crappy handwriting.

3) No Blogspam or self promotion.

4) Search before posting. Reposts will be removed. If you spot a repost, report it and message the link to the reposed submission and with a link the original post.

4a) Do not post this video. It has been posted hundreds of times.

5) Penmanship/Handwriting pictures/videos/ect only. Meaning, no links to news articles about penmanship, pictures of pens, ink, ect., or anything that doesn't directly have handwriting content.

6) No mobile links.

7) Try to use RES friendly urls. Use Imgur if in doubt. Avoid Photobucket and Instagram as image hosts due to incompatibility with RES. If the content is someone else's post on Instagram, it is allowed to be posted so that the content creator can get credit.

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