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People Fucking Dying

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/r/PeopleFuckingDying Rules:

    1. Videos and GIFs only. Pictures will be removed.
    1. No NSFW/NSFL content. Posting anything NSFW/NSFL will result in an immediate and permanent ban. This subreddit is for figurative deaths only. (Extreme injuries might be removed depending on severity and context)
    1. Despite the name of the subreddit telling otherwise, posts of animals and the like are allowed.
    1. mIxED cApiTAliZation is allowed, and in fact encouraged to help distinguish /r/PeopleFuckingDying's content from that of other subreddits with actual NSFW/NSFL content.

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Credit goes to /u/grumbledum for naming the subreddit.

Subreddit style by /u/iNeverQuiteWas and /u/order1776

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