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Perky and Chubby

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Welcome to /r/PerkyChubby! Here you will find the rare, yet HOT, combination of chubby* girls with perky boobs. A subreddit to address a void in reddit's NSFW arsenal. Hopefully you will like what you see!

chubby [chub-ee] adj 1. Round and plump.

Due to media and society, What makes a girl "chubby" is subjective and it covers a large spectrum of body types. From a slight "ponch" or "muffin top" to a full-figured zaftig. Remember how the media blasted Oklahoma City Thunder cheerleader Kelsey Williams? Yeah, people can be assholes but she's hot. So, we're using the term very liberally here. Just don't post pics of women who are obviously very slim.

perky [pur-kee] adj 1. jaunty; cheerful; brisk; pert.

Again, subjectivity is at play here. The basic rules of thumb we try to go by are:

  1. The majority of underboob is NOT touching the body
  2. Nipples are forward facing when unsupported

If unsure: post what you like, let the votes sort them out. If you don't like what you see, keep moving. If you do, upvote. Do it so when you click on that top filter below you know the very best are on top of that list.

Note: Links and users with a heart flair (♥) are other redditors posting original photos of themselves for us. Please be sure to vote and comment on those posts to let them know they are welcome and appreciated!

Negative, rude, or hateful comments will be removed. Also, to keep things positive, down arrows have been removed.

^*As ^defined ^in ^paragraph ^2


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Submission guidelines:

Tag ALL link posts with either [pics], [vid], [gif] or [cam]. The tags are required to make those awesome sorting links work. Currently approved camshows are Cam4, Chaturbate, MyFreeCams, Streamate, Cammodels, Nood, and Skype. If you have a show hosted elsewhere, please message the moderators of this subreddit.

Whenever possible, please use imgur for hosting pics. For other links, find sites with minimal spam and pop-ups or they will be removed.

Do NOT post pics of another redditor!

All women redditors are welcome and encouraged to post self-pics, and all self-pic contributors will receive a special flair.

Anyone trying to post underage photos will be reported and banned permanently without hesitation or exception.

Looking for more?

TheBigAsshole on Twitter. Take a look if you're into live cams, message me if you want reccomendations. :)

Note to admins: My twitter, and the people I follow, are maintained under anonymous pseudonyms and are publicly available professional pages.

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