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Photoshop Request

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>#####👀 Show only: >[Paid] [Specific] [Random] [Meta]

>#ABOUT >This is a subreddit where you can get your pictures photoshopped. Need an old photo touched up? Want someone to make a faceswap for you? Do you need a logo for something? Want your friend to be flying through space on a velociraptor?
This is the place for any and all of your Photoshop needs!

>Submit your request or help others with your skills. Tons of people are rewarded with Reddit Gold almost everyday! Check out what's gilded.

>PAID REQUESTS are allowed and get more attention. You can reward users with money (PayPal, Bitcoin, etc.) or with Reddit Gold. We encouraged commenters to use watermark on their work to avoid being scammed.

>This sub has age-karma requirement: your account must be at least 1 DAY OLD and have at least 10 COMMENT KARMA in order to post a request or leave a comment. This is to avoid throwaway, inactive and troll accounts.
NO EXCEPTIONS will be made so don't message the mods or you'll be ignored.

>Read the RULES before posting a request or a comment. Any violations of the rules or misbehaviour will result in a ban.

>##### ❓ Read the FAQ >##### ➕ PlusPoints Flair

>##### 🏆 Monthly Gold Reward

>##### ✉️ Message the Moderators

Any kind of trolling will not be tolerated: requests/comments will be removed and users banned or shadowbanned. 1. BE POLITE
People here work for free, so be nice. A simple "please" is often much appreciated and users will be more willing to help. Remember to thank who helps you. If you abandon your thread without thanking you will be banned. (thread about politeness) 1. BE SPECIFIC
Tag your thread by including one of these words in the title (only one):
>[SPECIFIC] for specific requests;
>[RANDOM] for creative requests;
>[PAID] for rewarded requests;
>[META] for sub-related threads.
>(examples) 1. NO ILLEGAL REQUESTS
You can't request nor edit: watermarks, copyright info, bills, screenshots, documents, tickets, grades, items for sale, warranties, proof signs. Removing famous brand logos or text from posters is fine. 1. NO NSFW REQUESTS
Porn, nudes and x-ray requests are prohibited. Slightly NSFW is permitted as long as tagged as such so that the thumbnail will be hidden. This includes any strong impact pictures, like babies in hospitals with life supporting devices. 1. NO SELF PROMOTION
Don't offer your services or attach payment info in your comments. You can't push people to pay for your work. Suggesting a reward for hard work is fine. 1. NO CYBERBULLYING
We won't help you change a photo in a way that can be used to humiliate, make fun of, or degrade others. This also applies to comments aimed to harass people who request cosmetic editing to their own photos.

>^^We ^^reserve ^^the ^^right ^^to ^^alter ^^any ^^rules ^^at ^^any ^^time.

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