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Photoshop Request

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>#####👀 Show only: >[Paid] [Specific] [Random] [Meta]

>#ABOUT >A friendly place dedicated to requesting and fulfilling free and paid commissions for editing pictures.

>Read the rules before posting a request or a comment. Any violations or misbehavior will result in a ban without warning. Contact the mods if you're not sure if your post is allowed.



>Your account must be at least 1 DAY OLD and have at least 10 COMMENT KARMA to post a request or comment. Check these numbers on your overview page: "". No exceptions will be made so don't ask the mods or you'll be ignored. (more info)



>- Be friendly and open to constructive criticism. There's always something new to learn.

>- Put a watermark on your submission when participating in a [PAID] request to avoid being scammed.

>- Make sure you're not editing the small preview of a pic. Click its link to show the full resolution.

>- Avoid sending your submission via PM and writing "PM'd". Private conversations won't be moderated so write your comments in public.

>- Imgur doesn't compress your pic as long as it's under 5MB and you're logged-in. Other file sharings like Dropbox or GDrive are fine too.

>- Be vigilant and report any violation of the rules. All reports are checked and welcomed.


>##### 🆕 Submit a New Request >##### ❓ Subreddit FAQ >##### 🏅 Gilded Submissions >##### ✉️ Contact the Moderators

Don't troll or post something different from what is requested. Funny edits are allowed only on [RANDOM] requests or after you post a serious edit. 1. BE POLITE
People here work for free, so be nice. A simple 'please' is often appreciated and users will be more willing to help. Don't abandon your request without thanking who helped you. 1. BE SPECIFIC
Add details about what you want. Tag your post by including one of these words in the title (only one):
>[SPECIFIC] for specific requests;
>[RANDOM] for creative requests;
>[PAID] for rewarded requests;
>[META] for sub-related threads.
>(examples) 1. NO FORGING
You can't request nor edit: watermarks, copyright info, bills, screenshots, documents, signatures, tickets, grades, items for sale, warranties, proof signs. Removing famous brand logos or text from posters is fine. 1. NO SCAM
If you post a [PAID] request, don't delete or abandon it. Pick the winner/s within 2 days and write it in the comments (e.g. "Solved, I paid /u/Snoo"). Don't ask for more than 3 revisions unless you've decided to pay that person. 1. NO NSFW
Porn, nudes, and x-ray requests are not allowed. Slightly NSFW is permitted as long as tagged as such so that the thumbnail will be hidden. This includes any strong impact pictures, like babies in hospitals with life supporting devices. 1. NO SHAMING
You can't request nor edit a photo in a way that can be used to humiliate or degrade a person. You can't make comments aimed to harass people who request cosmetic editing to their photos. 1. NO SELF PROMOTION
Don't advertise your services or attach payment info in your comments. You can't push people to pay. Suggesting a reward for hard work is fine.

>^^We ^^reserve ^^the ^^right ^^to ^^alter ^^any ^^rules ^^at ^^any ^^time.

>#AFFILIATED SUBS > /r/Photoshop
> /r/WallpaperRequests

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