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Pick the hottest girl in a picture with 2 or more women!

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All men and women subconsciously play this game continuously. Here's how it works. Someone posts a photo with 2 or more women in it. Full body shots is preferred. More than one photo showing the same features of all women are preferred.


Your post's title must include a number a number between two square brackets [X] where the number represents the number of women in the photo. Any submissions that do not include a [number] tag in its title will be automatically removed.


Based on the location of their heads, count from left to right, then top to bottom if there is more than one row. (think typewriter). Pick your favorite by upvoting your favorite in comments section of the post.

All posts tagged as [NSFW] by default.


Reports are generally ignored because 99% of the time people are just wasting our time with false reports, expressions of personal opinion etc. However, if a posts gets more than 3 reports, we will look into it. If you have a real issue with a particular post, please message the mods directly and we'll investigate further.

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