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The Piece of Shit Book Club™

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What the Hell is this Shit™?:

  • The Piece of Shit Book Club™ is dedicated to bad literature.

  • Post reviews, links, pics, whatever. Got a book you want to review? Then post that Shit™.

  • An official PSBC Review will be posted bi-weekly or sooner.

  • Official Web-Page:


  • No mean-spiritness! Although we are poking fun at people, we want to stop from actually being cruel or picking on people. Reviews and comments should be based on the literary content of the books and nothing else. No bullying!

  • Published works only! We don't want to pick on people trying to improve their writing; only on people who are making money as authors, and as such, are fair game. Unless its something god-awful like My Immortal.

  • If you act like a dick, we'll ban you and report or you or something. So don't do that.

  • If you want to review a book, awesome! Please do.

  • Be sure to use the trademark symbol whenever using the words Piece Of Shit™, POS™, or even just Shit™. Gotta get that on lock down.


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