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FAQ & Welcome! What is Flair? Read me! The 2017 /r/PipeTobacco Pipe of the Year by BriarWorks Upcoming Community Reviews 2016 Second Round Box Pass (Already in progress)

> ##Welcome! > The goal of /r/PipeTobacco is to provide an open forum for discussion on pipes, tobacco, and related topics. All discussions and comments should be constructive, helpful, or otherwise contributing to the discussion at hand.

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>##Read Before Posting

>» Common questions are answered in the Starting Information section of the sidebar, and are easily asked on our Saturday Piper University thread.

>» Picture posts should include textual content that explains the picture and what's shown. This is to promote discussion.

>» Vendors & Bloggers please read before posting: Vendor & Blogger Rules

>» Commerce Posts [WTB/WTS/WTT] belong in /r/pipetobaccomarket

>» Silly or off topic material relating to PipeTobacco should be posted in /r/pipehogs

>» Please follow the Rules of Reddit and use common sense. Be respectful, post meaningful content. If you have any questions/concerns/comments Message The Mods.

> ##Starting Information > >Start Here » [Welcome & FAQs] ( >

> » Our Piper University thread is posted every Saturday morning. It is an open discussion on any and all of your questions answered by members of the community.

> ##Resources > >Our Wiki Our community's own curated resource. > >A Pipeman's Handbook! .PDF / Epub / Mobi > >Our Review Information Information on our pipe and tobacco reviews! > >Redditor Discount Codes Discount codes specifically for us! > > Amazing resource for identifying pipe logos and stampings, and for learning a bit of history along the way! > > Great resource for information on tobacco pipes and their makers. > >Local tobacconist map Tag your local tobacconist here. Please add as much information as you can. > >Piper's Roster by /u/lord_garrett

> ##The Pipe Family > >r/PipeTobaccoMarket WTS/WTB/WTT Posts! > >r/PipeClubs Pipe Club Listings! > >r/MysteryTobaccoReview /u/misterzipp0 's fun project. > >/r/pipemaking Pipe Making! > >r/pipeporn A place for high quality pictures of pipes!

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