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  • Tags are mandatory for all submissions, see tags below.

  • Feel free to voice your opinion, just don't be a dick about it.

  • Hateful, demeaning, or inappropriate comments will not be tolerated.

  • If you see something inappropriate, click the report button!

  • No blog spam. Please submit a link if you own or enjoy reading a related blog, but don't post every one of their entries.

  • No stealing other artist's work and claiming it as your own. You will be perma-banned. You have been warned.

How to post your pixel art to /r/pixelart

Use [TAGS] in front of your submission titles!

When posting your own artwork...

  • [OC] Stating this is your original content.

  • [NEWBIE] Stating you are new to pixel-art.

  • [WIP] Work in Progress.

  • [CC] Request comments and criticism.

When linking to other artwork...

  • [JFS] Showcase other artists content. It's good practice to include the name of the artist in your title.

Additional [TAGS]...

  • [ALBUM]
  • [VIDEO]
  • [BLOG]
  • [TOOL]
  • [JOB] Posting a want ad.
  • [META] Everything regarding r/PixelArt.


If your post doesn't appear in the 'new queue', please message the moderators and include a link to your submission.

Thank you.

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