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> US Vendors Live Aquaria Aquarium Creation Planted Aquariums Central Green Leaf Aquariums Aqua Design Amano Marine Depot Aquarium * Buce Plant


> Helpful Guides Hoppy's Lighting Guide Prepping mineralized soil substrate Aquarium and Pond Plants Database EI Nutrient Calculator Aquarium Calculators (dry fert dosing) Plant Deficiency/Nutrient Guide Algae Guide The Golden Ratio Aquarium Advisor (stocking guide) Low-tech Planted Aquarium Guide Aquascaping Styles


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> Inspiration AGA Aquascaping Contest Entries TheGreenMachine Youtube Vids Aqua Design Amano Youtube Vids * IAPLC albums UK and US


> Beginners Introduction Planted Tank How-To Guide The Nitrogen Cycle - Read this first! * Inexpensive Intro Tank Setup


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