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Everything you need to know about the planted aquarium!

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  • No selling. You can post RAOKs as crossposts from other subs only.
  • No blogspam. You can post your personal site, YouTube channel, shop, etc. once per week only.
  • No shortlinks or URL shorteners, excluding the sidebar.
  • Use caution when posting a grossly overstocked tank. It's not going to fare well here.
  • Don't be an ass.
  • No rabble rousing. Yes, we know that half-gallon tank Walmart is selling as a Betta habitat is inhumane. Don't post about that kind of thing here for any reason.
  • Businesses and retailers are allowed to post here, but the blog/sitespam rules still apply to them. Business/retailer accounts MUST be flaired as such.


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