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/r/PlayItAgainSam - Did you catch that?!

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What makes Sam play it again?

  • A trick or action that goes so fast, that you have to replay the video just to make sure you caught everything.
  • Click here for an example

  • If you cannot point out one specific thing in the video that makes you second guess what you just saw, it's not for this subreddit.

If Sam enjoys your post, it may be added to Sam's Hall of Fame.

Sam's Community Guidelines

  1. Always follow the rules of reddit

  2. All post submissions must follow the style of this subreddit.

  3. Video submissions should typically not exceed 30 seconds in length.

  4. No (obviously) edited videos.

  5. If you see spam, or a video you don't think belongs here, please report it by clicking the Report button under the post/comment, and/or by messaging the mods.

  6. If you have any complaints, questions or discussion about the subreddit in general, please message the mods first so we can help you out personally and come to the quickest solution.

  7. The moderation team reserves the right to remove any video at its sole discretion.

Prohibited Content

  • Animal/human cruelty or gore
  • Racism/hateful content
  • Porn
  • Reposts - check before you post!
  • Memes or general image macros
  • Overly edited videos, basically 'cheating' with the Play it Again theme.

Posting any of the above content on /r/PlayItAgainSam in either a submission post or comment will result in the removal of the offending post and a possible permanent ban from the subreddit without warning.

>If you need any clarification as to whether or content you wish to post falls within any of the above categories, please message the mods before posting.

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