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PlayStation Plus

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Instant Game Collection

(last two months of NA and EU)

June 2017

NA & EU - June 6th|System|Rating :-|:-:|:-: Killing Floor 2 |PS4|75 Life is Strange |PS4|85 Abyss Odyssey |PS3|70 WRC 5: World Rally Championship |PS3|TBD Neon Chrome |PS4/Vita|63 Spy Chameleon |PS4/Vita|TBD

May 2017

NA & EU - May 2nd|System|Rating :-|:-:|:-: ABZU |PS4|78 Alienation *|PS4|79 Tales from the Borderlands|PS4|86 Blood Knights |PS3|TBD Port Royale 3: Pirates and Merchants|PS3|TBD Laser Disco Defenders|PS4/Vita|80 Type:Rider|PS4/Vita|TBD

^ ^NA ^exclusive ^* ^EU ^exclusive


  • You only need to "buy" a game (at $0.00) to access it later (not download it). You can even do this via the web store.

  • How to:

...make out-of-region PS+ accounts

...check subscription duration

Frequent Asked Questions

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What's so good about PlayStation Plus?

  • Automatic backup of saves to the cloud (up to 10GB per platform)

  • Automatic game patch downloads

  • Early access to certain betas/demos

  • Discounts galore

  • One subscription covers all platforms.

  • Full Games Monthly!

  • 2 for PS4
  • 2 for PS Vita or PSP
  • 2 for PS3

Note: PS4 online multiplayer requires PS+.
Excluding free-to-play & subscription-based games.)

Do I keep everything if I cancel?

No, you keep some things and get the rest back when you renew.

  • You keep
  • Discounted Games/DLC
  • Avatars
  • Themes
  • You lose access to (until renewal)
  • Free Games/DLC
  • Cloud Saves (saved up to 6 months after cancellation)

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