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stories that don't matter

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I use this sub to stop me from procrastinating. It makes me sick in the stomach and I go back to getting work done. - /u/UNIScienceGuy



Where storytellers of all kinds share the stories that no one really needs to hear.

Pointless doesn’t mean boring. It means “without purpose or utility” (OED). We want the stories that you wanted to tell, but just didn’t have a reason to. Until now.

Sometimes, the stories that don't matter are the ones which matter the most.

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Mods have the authority to remove any post, for any reason, at any time. (But the most likely reason is not following the rules).


  1. All posts must be in story form. Story, as defined by the dictionary, is “a report or account of a matter.”
  2. No posts that are questions.
  3. No posts that are just statements of fact.
  4. Your story should be detailed enough to provide a good understanding of the situation, but don't spend hours on the description.
  5. Story titles should be relevant and descriptive.
  6. Stories should be your own.
  7. No cross-posting. If it’s x-posted, it has a point, and belongs somewhere else.
  8. No stories about liking your crush, or how you're bored, etc. This isn't the place for heavy or deeply personal subjects, either. Instead, try one of our suggested subreddits.

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If you see a post that breaks one of the rules, please report it to the mod team so that we can take appropriate action.

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Apologies for the interruption last of our moderators gets bored sometimes...anyways hey guys it's me /u/whjms again with another live post for you...sorry I haven't been posting much lately, I went to switzerland for vacation so hopefully I'll be posting some pics soon!! anyways if you liked this episode then please like and subscribe (make sure you hit that bell button to get notifications) and check out my patreon if you want to become some of my super awesome supporters!!!! i'm going on vacation again today so see u in 2 weeks!!!!!!!

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