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Who said Pokemon was just for kids?

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  2. All links must be to the direct image or album (no links to thumbnail images)

  3. Keep discussion on topic and respectful.

  4. No obvious depictions of lolicon or shotacon.

  5. Provide a source whenever possible.

Remember to check out the Wiki if you have any questions or want to check out who did the subreddit art!

Since not all PokePorn is created equal, we enforce a simple flair system to help distinguish your posts. If you're submitting a post, remember to add the matching post flair to it for further distinguishing.

Trainer - For posts of Trainers.

Anthro - For posts of Pokemon with humanistic traits.

Feral - For posts of non-anthro Pokemon.

Trainer x Anthro - Human Trainers and Anthro Pokemon.

Trainer x Feral - Human Trainers and Non-Anthro Pokemon.

Anthro x Feral - Anthro and Non-Anthro Pokemon.

Beg - For requests.

Discussion - For discussions.

Misc - Miscellaneous posts that don't in any other category.

Meta - Posts related to the subreddit as a whole.

Pokeporn Albums (Links out of Reddit)

Subreddit of album maker: /r/TheMegaMan4

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