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Welcome to /r/PokemonGoMystic!


  • This is a subreddit for current and future members of the Mystic Team in the game Pokémon Go!

  • In the game you have the option of joining one of three teams once you reach Trainer Level 5: Valor, Mystic, or Instinct! This subreddit's purpose is to bring together all the Mystic members to discuss, share, rally, and unite!

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Rules of the Road!

  • Please keep content relevant, friendly, and fun!
  • Do not post clickbait, fake programs, hacks, hateposts, spam, or methods of cheating!
  • Do not be rude to your fellow teammates or visitors!
  • Hateful language, posts filled with swear words (light swearing is allowed, but please use discretion), and posts involving sensitive topics will be reviewed for removal!
  • Advertising for personal gain or posts against Reddit ToS will be removed!
  • NSFW posts and content are not allowed and will be removed. This is Reddit, folks. You can find somewhere else for it!
  • Do not link or request illegal content or promote illegal activity!
  • Raids from or to other subreddits and teams are NOT ALLOWED. We are all part of the same community! Please do not provoke or harass the other teams and keep the competition friendly.


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