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Pokémon Go Snap

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Weekly Challenge | Challenge: Gen 3 is out! Get some snaps of the new Pokemon.| GO Snap Pokedex | Last Weeks Winner: /u/LaffeSommerpels

What is Pokemon Go Snap

A place to share photos taken in the Pokemon Go Camera Mode and experience all the other places people are catching Pokemon.

How do I submit a photo?

Just take a photo in Pokemon Go while using the Camera Mode and upload it to the sub where people will be able to upvote and discuss everyone's submission. You can directly submit photos from your phone using the Reddit app.

Our Goal

This subreddit will be a place where everyone can submit their photos from Pokmon Go of Pokemon they find in the real world, and to complete the GO Snap Pokedex with the best submissions from this sub for each Pokemon.

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Basic Rules

  1. This subreddit is dedicated to sharing in game VR images of Pokemon GO, so please keep all submissions related to VR images of Pokemon GO.

  2. Image submissions must be screen shots taken within the game of Pokemon Go. No taking a picture of your screen with another camera.

  3. Submitted images must be unique in that they use the phone's camera to capture real world scenery using the AR mode. No posting in game scenes that everyone has access to.

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