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A subreddit for political humor (particularly US politics), such as political cartoons and satire.

Please link to the source whenever possible.

Subreddit Rules

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  1. Content must be political, and it has to be an attempt at humor that makes sense

    If you have to explain the joke, it is not a good joke

If it is intentionally designed to piss people off, it is not humor.

  1. Avoid low-effort content.

    Don't be lame.

  2. Be civil.

The fact that we have to explicitly state that racism, personal attacks, and threats of violence are all uncivil terrifies the mod team.

  1. Images only.

    Linking to news articles, websites or other subreddits is prohibited. Please use Reddit's image host or imgur if you can.

  2. Avoid reposts.

Use Karmadecay and check /new and the front page before you post.

  1. Do not brigade.

Coming to this community en masse specifically to harass our users, or setting up a post or thread here referring to another subreddit or thread causes a lot of problems for everyone. If it happens, we will spank you, and the admins will spank us, creating a spank train that nobody wants to be part of.

6B: Meta posts about this subreddit, or any other subreddit are not allowed, as they are always part of some brigade.

  1. Follow Reddit's global rules. Submissions failing to follow Reddit's content policy will be removed. Basically, if you are trying to sell your T-Shirts or flip flops or sexbot site, or if you're a terrorist, you're gonna be booted.

Enforcement Policy

  • Moderators will enforce the rules at their sole discretion.

  • You may ask for clarification of a removal by messaging the moderators with a link to your post or comment.

  • Generally, we have a "three strikes and you're banned" policy, but we reserve the right to not do that if you're being particularly bad.

  • To appeal a ban, respond to your original ban message.

  • Users who delete offending content are dumb because we, as moderators, can still see it and it just makes us think you think we're stupid.

  • Users who reply to ban messages with abuse will never be unbanned, and we will spam them with copypasta to the point wherer they get tired of us.

  • Users who are polite and understanding will be unbanned.

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