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Posture: We've got your back!

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Welcome to r/Posture, a place to share your experiences and advice towards correcting and maintaining good posture. Spread the word, together we can make a huge difference.

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  • From where you're sitting, put your hands under each buttock.
  • Feel that bony bit? Those are your Ischial Tuberosities. We'll call those your sitting bones.
  • Sit on your sitting bones and place your breastbone forwards. Feel better?

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  1. No Spam

  2. Don’t be an asshole

  3. Posture assessments requests should include your full body (Head to feet) and front, back and side angles.

  4. Any OC or Blog Posts cannot include just a link in the text body, must include details and main point of the post (No Low Effort OC)

  5. Understand that advice given on this sub is not a perfect substitute for a clinical diagnosis by a Physio or Physical Therapist, etc. but (excluding medical advice) still worthy of discussion

  6. Moderators have the final say

  7. Mark your post with its correct flair (if applicable)

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Please note

There some myths and differing opinions on correct posture. Be sure to do your research and discuss each topic thoroughly. If you feel we have made any mistakes be sure to contact us.

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We're in need of mods who feel they can help our sub grow through spreading the word, customising the page, etc. Message us if you feel you can help contribute to this subreddit's popularity.

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