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Valhalla: A Power Metal Dream (/r/PowerMetal)

Dragons, Wizards, Power, Glory, Magic, Freedom, yup, it's all here.

Ever wish there was an awesome Power Metal radio station that played mighty anthems of steel non-stop with no ads, a massive library and a free request system? Well it exists! Behold, my warriors!

Epic Rock Radio -

Shreddit IRC

Power Metal TV, generated from /r/powermetal

Consistent link contributors will be rewarded by the seven angels from the seventh gate, each wielding seven swords.

I mean given custom flair, which is tantamount to the same thing.

Keep it glorious.

The following is the /r/PowerMetal essential albums list. If you're new to the genre, check them out! (Not officially banned from the subreddit to post, but keep in mind most people should already have heard these albums)

Spotify playlist of all these albums, or if not available, suitable replacements (generated in the UK, your mileage may vary)

Guide to Sonata Arctica by /u/imcominforyou

Beginner's Guide to Sonata Arctica by /u/REkTeR

Storyline guide to this album

Guide to Blind Guardian by /u/TheBlash

Guide to Nightwish by /u/mushmancat

Guide to Stratovarius by /u/mushmancat

Guide to Lost Horizon by /u/imcominforyou

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