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We love big round bellies, full heavy breasts, dark milky nipples

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A group for NSFW and erotic content relating to pregnant ladies.

If you or your partner are pregnant you are welcome and encouraged to post your own NSFW content here; you'll probably get more attention if you list it as OC (original content). It would also be helpful if you declared it as a (Vid), (Gif), or (Pic).

In accordance with the policies of /r/Gonewild, if you are submitting pictures of yourself, we ask that you please verify with your username and today's date. This is done to cut down on the chance of photos being used without the original author's permission.

Please submit links via Imgur or a similar clean image or video sharing site; third party links and spam heavy sites are likely to be removed.

Do not flood the subreddit with single-picture posts on the same day, condense them into one album please for the sake of tidiness.

Remember, if someone is gracious enough to contribute original content, DO NOT swarm them with vulgar PM's or orders of what they should show next (OBEY REDDIQUETTE). They are a real person, they have feelings, and are in an extremely sensitive time of their lives. There will be no second warning; if you breach reddiquette, you will be banned immediately with extreme prejudice.

This is (obviously) not the place to post asking for advice about your own pregnancy (although I'm sure a few of us consider ourselves to be amateur OB/GYNs... :-/) That community is over at /r/pregnant (also /r/babybumps)

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