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When people celebrate just a little too early

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  1. Don't be a dick. Adhere to reddiquette and reddit's content policy at all times.
  2. No politics.
  3. No milestone posts. Example: "Congrats on 1 million subscribers" when in reality is 0.99 million.
  4. All posts must show evidence of a celebration before it is appropriate, followed by a fail or a failure to score / win.
  5. NSFW posts must be tagged.
  6. No NSFL posts.
  7. No reposts from the top 100 of all time or from the hot 50. Reposts that have been seen in the past few months are also subject to removal (xposts are not reposts, and are encouraged).
  8. Hosting should be limited to the regularly accepted hosts. Twitch is allowed, but video games are held to higher quality standard.
  9. This is not /r/Instant_Regret, the reaction to losing / failing after premature celebration is not a requirement (but is always appreciated).
  10. Mods = Gods^TM. We reserve the right to remove any content we deem unacceptable. This includes but is not limited to potato quality posts, spammy hosting sites, etc.

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