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Premier League

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A Place to discuss everything and anything to do with the English Premier League.

Table: Matchweek 29

#|Team|W|D|L|GD|P   --:|:--|--:|--:|--:|--:|--: 1|Chelsea|22|3|3|+38|69 2|Tottenham|17|8|3|+34|59 3|Man City|17|6|5|+24|57 4|Liverpool|16|8|5|+25|56 5|Man United|14|10|3|+19|52 6|Arsenal|15|5|7|+22|50 7|Everton|14|8|7|+21|50 8|West Brom|12|7|10|+1|43 9|Stoke City|9|9|11|-9|36 10|Southampton|9|6|12|-3|33 11|Bournemouth|9|6|14|-12|33 12|West Ham|9|6|14|-12|33 13|Burnley|9|5|15|-11|32 14|Watford|8|7|13|-15|31 15|Leicester|8|6|14|-14|30 16|Crystal Palace|8|4|16|-10|28 17|Swansea|8|3|18|-27|27 18|Hull|6|6|17|-32|24 19|Middlesbrough|4|10|14|-13|22 20|Sunderland|5|5|18|-26|20

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