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The international gesture for "fuck me"

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>Presenting: "The act of directing the hindquarters toward another individual, either in sexual solicitation or as a gesture of appeasement derived from sexual presenting." (Estes, 1991)

>1. Is she bent over and showing her ass?

>2. Is she looking back at you?

>If the answer is yes to both, it belongs here!


>1. Images must contain at least one individual and must satisfy the two requirements listed above. If in doubt, look to some of the other submissions for guidance. Also, no underwear.

>2. All images must be direct-linked. Imgur, minus, and gfycat are the only allowed imagehosts. If you're posting an album, choose one picture to use as the submission URL, then provide a link to the full album in the comments.

>3. Don't spam.

>4. Low quality submissions may be removed.

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