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Thread Rules!

1) This thread is about PR. Not you, not me, not the mods. Pretty Ricky, period. We are here to uplift him, offer praise, and send positive thoughts his way. (Metaphorically speaking, see rule 2)

2) Contacting PR or announcing you intend to do so, will result in being banned immediately. Posting anything that could identify Pretty Ricky IRL will result in being banned.

3) Keep your negative comments about PR to yourself. This thread was created to share the beauty and wholesomeness that is, Pretty Ricky.

4) We, the Mods, are sick of all the unnecessary bickering. If we noticed that you are frequently engaging people in unnecessary arguments, this may result in being banned. This thread is about Pretty Ricky, let's keep comments directed towards him, not each other.

5) New rules will be added as needed. Be civil people, just enjoy PR.

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